Particle size
  NanoPlus Series
The NanoPlus is a unique instrument that utilizes photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to determine particle size and zeta potential. The instrument can measure the particle size of samples suspended in liquids in the range of 0.6 nm to 10 μm with sample suspension concentrations from 0.00001% to 40%. This instrument also has the ability to measure the zeta potential of sample suspensions in the -200 mV to +200 mV range with concentrations from 0.001% to 40%

Saturn DigiSizer

The Saturn DigiSizer®II  is the first commercially available particle sizing instrument to employ the light scattering analysis technique that utilizes advanced digital detection technology to deliver exceptionally high levels of resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility. A state-of-the-art CCD detector containing over three million detector elements enables the completely automated Saturn DigiSizer II to capture a high resolution, digital representation of the pattern produced as a result of laser light scattered from a sample. The resulting information is then processed using data reduction based on Mie theory. The instrument produces fast, detailed results that are repeatable on and reproducible between every Saturn DigiSizer.
  Elzone II 5390 Particle Size Analyzer

Widely accepted as a primary particle characterization technique, the electrical sensing zone method is recognized as a highly effective method of counting and sizing a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. Unlike other measurement techniques, the electrical sensing zone method can analyze samples that have assorted optical properties, densities, colors, and shapes. Micromeritics’ Elzone particle size analyzer uses this powerful particle characterization technique to determine quickly and accurately the size, number, concentration, and mass of finely divided materials. The instrument determines particle size in a range suitable for a wide variety of  industrial, biological, and geological specimens down to 0.4 μm. The Elzone’s high-level of accuracy and resolution, speed, and ease of use make it equally suitable for industry, quality control,and research and development laboratories

SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer 

The new SediGraph® III Plus determines particle size by using the highly accurate and reproducible sedimentation technique which measures the gravity-induced settling rates of different size particles in a liquid with known properties. This is simple yet extremely effective technique for providing particle size information for a wide variety of materials.

  H.E.L. Limited Subsieve AutoSizer (SAS)

- is a new addition to the established field of air-permeability particle sizing. It has been developed as a direct and improved successor to the widely used Fisher Model 95 Sub-Sieve Sizer (FSSS).

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